Gourmet Challenge Trivia Board Game

Gourmet Challenge, an "exciting board game, a true test of fine foods, fine wines, social etiquette and lifestyles." It's an adult game, recommended for individuals 18 years of age and older who have or would like to have a good culinary knowledge base.

Gourmet Challenge is a vintage 1984 game so it is old enough to be difficult to find but not old enough yet to be considered antique.

A few sample questions:

From the Histories & Nationalities category is "Is beer made in Indonesia?"

From the Gourmet's Delight category, "What French chef of King Louis Philippe was credited with inventing Pommes Soufflees?"

From the Wine & Beverages category, "What year was an excellent one for red Rioja: 1971, 1972 or 1978?"

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Trivia Answers: Yes, Chef Collinet and 1978.

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  1. Rarity yields the biggest profits for me. I can think of a few items off the top of my head that I made a few hundred bucks on that were obscure. One was an older style womens accessory item, one was a vintage sign. They had a limited number of bidders that REALLY wanted the item and kept outbidding each other. It's a great feeling!

  2. I agree, finding unique items and setting them up properly on eBay is the challenge. I don't have a lot of luck at auction so I price according to what the market tells me an item is worth -- sometimes that is not easy. Of course, that removes the excitement of an item starting low but I no longer want to give away valuable items.

  3. I will testify as a buyer. I remember a very specific boardgame that had a single print run back in the 1990s from a well-known (to boardgamers) company that went out of business shortly after the game's release. Only one copy would appear on eBay at any given time, and a good eight or twelve bidders would chase after it. I finally snagged one when two of them showed up on eBay at the same time.


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