The Ottawa Senators Gift Ideas

For those of you who might not know, the Ottawa Senators is a hockey team that plays in Ottawa, Ontario and in the National Hockey League.

Woo Hoo! Wikipedia says that the Sens made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs twelve times in the last fourteen seasons, that they've won four division titles and a President's Trophy and that they appeared in the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals.

I'll never forget when the Sens made it to the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals.  The town was alive with Sens color then as it is right now.

I'll admit that I am NOT a big hockey fan. However, when your home town team makes it to the playoffs, you cannot help but be enthusiastic! 

Because I am not a big hockey fan, it never occurred to me that I should have an Ottawa Senators shirt but I think I should, in part for the fun of it and, of course, to show support for our team. If I had one in my t-shirt collection, I could wear it every year whenever the Sens were playing and be part of the Red Army.  I do love the slogans that appear on the older Ottawa Senators t-shirts like Red Army, Bring Home Stanley and This Is My Team.

I have a wonderful selection of Ottawa Senators themed hockey items in my eBay store.  I have a number of out-of-print, nostalgic Sens shirts that might generate some good memories of hockey seasons gone by as well as some other interesting items including a plush version of the Mascot, Sparty; a gorgeous plush Christmas stocking; and, two highly unusual Ottawa Senators themed Hawaiian shirts. (Yes, that's right, Hawaiian hockey shirts!)

I think that any of these items would make fabulous gift ideas for an Ottawa Senators fan. I've even thought of keeping the Hawaiian Senators shirts and both my husband and I could wear them to the annual tacky Christmas party we attend.  If we both had one of those shirts on, I know it would be tough NOT to give us the prize especially since we'd be in the company of some very serious Sens fans!

How about you? Are you a hockey fan? An Ottawa Senators fan? Do you have a shirt to show support for your favorite team?

Go Sens Go!

See all of the Ottawa Senators gift ideas in my eBay store.

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