Ottawa Board Game Summit

Safe to say, I think, that all of the members of my family including my unofficial third son enjoy playing board games though, of course, we don't have as much time to pursue this activity as we would like and we no longer live under the same roof.

I read with interest therefore a story in this week's Ottawa Citizen called Fun For All At Board-Game Summit and thought wouldn't that have been fun.  

The summit was started in 2008 when it drew 100 visitors. This year, by Sunday, 1,500 people had come to play games.

My entire family would have loved to have spent any number of hours there accessing the 600 board game library. For an entrance fee of $40, one had access to the collection for the weekend. 

The newspaper says that the game selection included board games way beyond the typical games you find at the department store, card games of the collectible sort, war-type games and giant games of chess, Jenga, etc.

Of course, my family owns a library of board games but they still eye with interest the new, used and vintage, hard-to-find board games that come into my house for my eBay store.  If you are a board gamer, you know that there is nothing like a new to you board game!

Settlers of Catan, anyone?


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