Ziggy Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle

When I'm not busy working on eBay, Squidoo or any of my other online projects and I don't want to do housework, I often turn to a jigsaw puzzle for a diversion. We have one pretty constantly on our coffee table. This week I finished a 500-piece Springbok jigsaw puzzle called Ziggy that features the famous 1980s character on safari in Africa.

Ziggy, for those of you who don't know, is a little bald guy with a lot of friends in the form of pets who is constantly facing some misfortune or another. Pop culture, computers and modern life problems are subjects that Ziggy frequently meets in his walk of life.

Ziggy first appeared in a book in 1968 called When You’re Not Around. He appeared in his first newspaper strip in 1971 and has gone on to fame and fortune since then, appearing in his own television special, called Ziggy’s Gift, on calendars, collectables and yes, even on jigsaw puzzles.
Personally, I remember a small plush Ziggy that was given to me as a Christmas gift. It is even possible that he is still here in the house since I know he travelled with my own children's Christmas plush toys.

I enjoyed Springbok's Ziggy on Safari jigsaw puzzle. It had a little bit of Ziggy and a lot of the wildlife you would see if you went on safari in Africa. At 500 pieces it was not too challenging, nor was it too easy.

Do you have memories of Ziggy? Have you worked this puzzle? Is it one you would choose?

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