Face To Face The Famous Face Guessing Game

eBay sellers should definitely be keeping their eyes open for board games but more specifically for slightly older although not necessarily antique games.

Here's a successful listing that just closed in my eBay Toy Department. It's a hard-to-find game called Face to Face, The Famous Face Guessing Game, recommended for individuals aged 12 and up and for 2 to 6 players.

The box reads: "Tired of playing games with the same old friend…Instead, why not invite 560 of the most famous faces in the world into your living room? Famous faces of your favorite celebrities, athletes, politicians, people in the news and more! Players open windows on one of the four view finders and guess the names of these famous faces as they are revealed bit by bit. The face may be on the top of your head but the name might stay on the tip of your tongue."

The copy I sold recently was in good, used condition although the box itself showed some shelfwear. The game inside the box was in very good condition and I assumed it is complete, although I did not count every one of the 560 cards and I said so in the listing.

The result? A $99.96 cha-ching on my iPhoneA very solid sale that will help increase my average sale price quite nicely and that will make an eBay buyer in California very happy.

The moral of the story? Add FACE TO FACE to your WHAT TO SELL ON EBAY list and be sure to come back and see what other Treasures Brenda turns up for you never know what I might have in store for you!

Happy Thrifting!

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