Scary Movies For Halloween

In advance of Halloween, I know that a few of you are looking for a good scary movie so I thought I would give you a few to consider. Without knowing exactly who you are or what kind of a scary movie you might like, I am at a bit of a loss so I will offer a broad selection of choices. These recommendations are all based on pages that I have written on Squidoo. By following any of the underlined links, you will be able to read more about each of the movies.

Starting with scary movies for tweens, you might want to consider my list, Not Too Scary Movies For Tweens or Pre-Teens on Halloween on which you will find six movies that are appropriate for tweens.

On that list, you will find one of the best best blu-ray movies of 2009, the 3D stop motion movie, which is suitably eerie,  Coraline. Another good candidate which also appears on that list is, Walt Disney's Watcher in the Woods.

Audrey Hepburn's Wait Until Dark is an excellent choice for those of us who like psychological thrillers. This is one to watch with the lights out...exactly as they did when this Audrey Hepburn movie first aired in the movie theatres in the 1960s.

Finally, if dare cross over into the horror genre, there are many great werewolf movies and you will want to check out my The Werewolf, A Howling Good Movie Review List where you will find a discussion of the best werewolf movies available. I'm not sure which of these you will want to watch with the lights out...

I hope you find some great scary movie choices for your Halloween viewing...and I'd love to hear your recommendations, particularly for scary movies that are thrillers rather than horror movies.

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