Travel to Venice, Italy with Johnny Depp in The Tourist

Excited I was. I was looking forward to going to Venice on December 10, 2010 with Johnny Depp. Did you want to join us?

Along with Johnny Depp, you will find Angelina Jolie, Paul Bettany, Rufus Sewell and Timothy Dalton along for the journey.

In the 2010 movie The Tourist, Depp played an American travelling in Italy who was befriended by the beautiful Jolie.  Jolie was, however, trying to fool the people who were trying to locate her boyfriend into thinking that Depp was the one they were looking for...

Billed as a thriller, this movie is also a romantic comedy.

Take two of Hollywood's top stars throw in a bit of Venice...and it looked like a winner. You can read my complete movie review and watch the official trailer for The Tourist by clicking right here.

So? What do you think? Would you like to go travelling with Johnny Depp? Did you join him in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy or would you like to? Perhaps you would prefer to go with Angelina Jolie?

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New Hallmark and Blu-ray Christmas Movies For 2010

Lately, I've been looking into the new movies that are on their way for home viewing at Christmas this year and I've come up with some interesting choices.

First, I discovered a number of new Hallmark movies. Those are movies are being made as we speak and which will air in November and December and become available for purchase shortly thereafter.  Read more at my page dedicated to The New Hallmark Christmas Movies For 2010.

Second, I did a bit of research to discover what the new Christmas movies on blu-ray were going to be this year.  Despite the wide adoption of blu-ray technology, I was surprised to discover not much more than a handful of Christmas movies being released on blu-ray.  Read all about those blu-ray discs at my newest page, Top 10 Best New Christmas Movies of 2010 on Blu-ray (and DVD).

I am looking forward to some new Christmas movies this holiday season. How about you?

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Halloween Costume Ideas ~ Harry Potter, A Superhero and Alice inWonderland

Let me share with you three wonderful Halloween costume ideas.  The first two are easy-to-make costumes that are particularly suitable to little boys although you could certainly adapt the ideas for a little girl.  The third, is a source of a beautiful, custom-made costume for little girls and for women.

Easy Superhero Costume Idea For Little Boys

We used this easy superhero costume idea for one of our sons many years when he went out trick or treating as 'I Man.' The I was because his name starts with 'I.'  He was thrilled to be a superhero and to be 'I' man and he 'flew' everywhere that Halloween.

How To Make A Harry Potter Costume

Here is another easy to create Halloween costume for a little boy.  How to make a Harry Potter costume contains the simple and easy instructions we used to turn our young son into Harry Potter.  Many of the basic pieces were reusable and reworn in his wardrobe for a couple of years. The cape, I believe we still have, although I don't believe it would suit a six-foot tall teenager as a cape anymore.
Are You Looking For The Best Alice in Wonderland Dress?

If you are looking for the best Alice in Wonderland dress, you can follow this link to visit my page about the beautiful one that I found. It is handmade by a Top-Rated eBay seller and really is beautiful.   A well-made dress like this is one that you will own forever. You can be Alice as many times as you wish!

Happy Haunting!

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Make A Harry Potter Costume
Are You Looking For The Best Alice in Wonderland Dress?

Scary Movies For Halloween

In advance of Halloween, I know that a few of you are looking for a good scary movie so I thought I would give you a few to consider. Without knowing exactly who you are or what kind of a scary movie you might like, I am at a bit of a loss so I will offer a broad selection of choices. These recommendations are all based on pages that I have written on Squidoo. By following any of the underlined links, you will be able to read more about each of the movies.

Starting with scary movies for tweens, you might want to consider my list, Not Too Scary Movies For Tweens or Pre-Teens on Halloween on which you will find six movies that are appropriate for tweens.

On that list, you will find one of the best best blu-ray movies of 2009, the 3D stop motion movie, which is suitably eerie,  Coraline. Another good candidate which also appears on that list is, Walt Disney's Watcher in the Woods.

Audrey Hepburn's Wait Until Dark is an excellent choice for those of us who like psychological thrillers. This is one to watch with the lights out...exactly as they did when this Audrey Hepburn movie first aired in the movie theatres in the 1960s.

Finally, if dare cross over into the horror genre, there are many great werewolf movies and you will want to check out my The Werewolf, A Howling Good Movie Review List where you will find a discussion of the best werewolf movies available. I'm not sure which of these you will want to watch with the lights out...

I hope you find some great scary movie choices for your Halloween viewing...and I'd love to hear your recommendations, particularly for scary movies that are thrillers rather than horror movies.

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The Wii Scream Rocked The Nintendo Wii Video Game World

Wii Nintendo Video Game ConsoleIf you haven't seen it or, more importantly, heard it, the Wii Scream video can be found on my newly revamped page, Did You Do The Wii Scream When You Received YOUR Nintendo Wii Video Game Console. I've improved the representation of the Nintendo Wii video game console and added a list of five of the top-rated Nintendo video games.


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Read my page about the Nintendo Wii scream.
Buy your Nintendo Wii video game console from Amazon.

Unique Gifts For Couples on Valentine's Day

Unique Gifts For CouplesThere are many amazing Valentine's Day Squidoo pages out there right now but I'd like to highlight one that I just found today. It was created by Stargazer00. It is especially beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that it just makes you want to rush out and buy the products.

Unique Gifts For Couples does exactly what it was meant to do (showcase an unusual product) which means, Dianne, another job well done!

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Unique Gifts For Couples

Our Visit to the Anne Frank House

The passing today of Miep Gies, the Dutch woman who helped hide and feed Anne Frank and her family and friends, reminded me of our visit to Anne Frank's house this summer at the end of our European cruise. You know, our visit and the whole story would have been lost without the brave actions on the part of Ms. Gies while the Franks were in hiding and without her quick act of rescuing the abandoned diary on the floor of the loft.

Our Visit To Anne Frank's House tells of our all-to-brief visit and hopefully will help others as they decide what to see and do when they visit Amsterdam.


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Our Visit To Anne Frank's House

The Charlie Brown Valentine Television Special

Recently, I watched the classic children's television program by Charles Schulz featuring all of the Peanuts gang.  I don't know when I last saw it, but I had definitely forgotten what happened to Charlie Brown in this television special.

Do you know what happened? How'd it make you feel?  My bottom jaw hung open for literally minutes. I honestly could not believe that those kids were that mean.

If you've seen the special and know what happened to Charlie Brown, I'd love to have you add your response to my page, Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown Movie Review. If you haven't seen the show and need to know more, you'll find more information about the show there.

Are you ready?  Seems like it was just Christmas but Valentine's Day IS coming and it is coming quickly!


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Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown Movie Review

How To Build A Great Blu-ray Collection

My blu-ray adventures continue (despite the fact that I haven't written about them here for awhile.) I've recently discovered how to Build Your Blu-ray Collection Quickly With A Blu-ray Movie Box Set. There are some excellent blu-ray movies put together at great prices, you just have to be sure to do your research because it is not always a better deal to buy the boxed sets.  Amazon does continue to be a great source because of their greatly reduced prices and the possibility of FREE shipping for orders worth $25 or more.

Have you joined the blu-ray movement yet?

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Build Your Blu-ray Collection Quickly With A Blu-ray Movie Box Set
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