Hallmark Hall of Fame and Lifetime Original Christmas Movies

Laid low with the flu and a cold two weeks before Christmas was just not great. However, I did manage to watch three Christmas movies during that time.

It's not too late. If you're looking for a heart-warming Christmas movie, you might want to check one of these out. I did and I enjoyed them all.

Hallmark Hall of Fame's A Dog Named Christmas Movie - This is a brand-new Hallmark movie that was just released for Christmas 2009.  It aired once and is now available for purchase from Amazon by clicking here. A great family-friendly story.

Hallmark Entertainment's A Boyfriend For Christmas - I called this one a light-hearted romantic comedy.  It is family friendly, a bit on the 'chick flick' side. Click here to buy A Boyfriend for Christmas from Amazon.

Lifetime Original's Comfort And Joy Christmas Movie - A highly sought after movie, this one flew off the shelves of my eBay store this fall.  I finally opened a copy to watch it myself and see what the fuss was all about and I wasn't disappointed. Turns out it was another wonderful romantic comedy. Click here to buy Comfort and Joy from Amazon.

Although the last two movies can be called romantic comedies, there is nothing offensive in either of them for family viewing.  You just might be hard pressed to get your teenage guys to watch any of them with you. (I certainly was!)

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Our Shore Excursions in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia, was my favorite stop on our cruise this past summer. Despite the crowds and the rain, I loved what we were able to squeeze in in two days.

What did we see? We saw Peterhof, Peter the Great's Summer Palace; Catherine's Palace; Pavlovsk (Paul's Palace); and, The Church of the Resurrection (Church On Spilled Blood.) Plus we enjoyed an evening folk dancing show. 

You can read all the details on my page dedicated to Our Port Days in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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Click here to order this picture of the Church on Spilled Blood from Amazon.
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