Wear The Mountain Wolf T-Shirt, Attract A Mate

With regard to the Mountain Wolf T-Shirt, the internet headlines read:
  • 'The hottest wolf shirt. Ever.'
  • 'Wolf t-shirt sells like crazy after 'babe magnet' review.'
  • 'Google Wolf + T-Shirt and Magic Happens.'
  • 'The Howling Wolf Tee Guy.'
  • 'The Three Wolf Miracle Shirt.'
  • 'Wolf T-Shirt The Hottest Clothing Item on Amazon.'

The Mountain's The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt is an unexpected internet sensation...since student B. Govern "Bee-Dot-Govern" wrote a fun review about how the t-shirt helped him attract women at Wal-Mart. I'm sure that The Mountain did not intend their t-shirts as a way to attract the opposite sex...and despite, Govern's initial review, the subject is controversial.  One purchaser was disappointed when not a single supermodel approached him  after he wore the shirt for a week.  (I do hope he washed it!)

The company reportedly said, "We appreciate humour as much as the next company, but we don’t approve of some of the remarks."  However, the firm must really be pleased. (Who wouldn't be thrilled to be selling more shirts in today's economic climate?)  "We’ll take ironic fashion any day…. and we’re printing another 400,000 t-shirts…"

In case you haven't heard of them, you need to know that The Mountain creates marvelous, hand-dyed & environmentally-friendly t-shirts. We can all be thankful that Govern chose a shirt that was made by such a fantastic company.  Read more about The Mountain by clicking right here.

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  1. If he didn't wash the shirt and keeps wearing it, he might attract actual wolves! Dogs like smelly stuff; probably wolves do, too. :-)

  2. What a great find for you Brenda!

  3. Gorgeous art working on these shirts.

  4. Wow - you know how to pick best sellers :)


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