A Puzzling Obsession...Looking For Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles!!!

Well, I was certainly Looking For A Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle and I found one! And another one! And another one! I have been sneaking in time here and there around my other jobs like tending to my eBay store, Treasures By Brenda, to work on my Christmas puzzle lens and I kept finding more, wonderful Christmas puzzles...I started wanting to buy them, especially this morning when I stumbled upon Jim Shore's amazing The Twelve Days of Christmas jigsaw puzzle.
The Twelve Days of Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Jim Shore

I knew then that I needed to STOP and publish this lens. Move on, so to say. So I have, it is published. You can visit it at Looking For A Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle and I can once again focus my energies on my other projects...

Like maintaining my other puzzle lenses! If you are a puzzle fan or know a puzzle fan, you might also enjoy:

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Thank You to 'Twelve Months of Christmas' Blog

A BIG thank you to The Tone King and his blog Twelve Months of Christmas for mentioning my page Christmas Music For Your Listening Pleasure. The Tone King writes a blog which is dedicated to Christmas music that is not heard very often, if ever, on the radio. It is a great resource for Christmas music fans.

His blog is definitely driving traffic to my page and I was pleased (and pleasantly surprised) to actually have information about releases that he had not heard of on my page. (I would consider him the expert!)

In order to give the visitors he is sending my way the best visit, I spent some time this morning updating my page. It is definitely Christmas music time and there are many new releases 2008 so I updated that section although it is far from complete. (Elvis Presley Christmas Duets is definitely on my list.) This lens was one of my first lenses and I have since learned a few Squidoo/html tricks that I was able to use on this page when I went over it this morning.

Thanks Again to The Tone King. If you are interested in Christmas music, be sure to visit his blog!

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Total Lenses = 17
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My Top 3:

Your Life Sentence ~~ Six-Word Memoirs or Quotations
Fall For Halloween Puzzles
Elvis Presley Christmas Duets

You Never Know What I Might Have In Store For You!
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