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Last year I was given my iPhone at Christmas, which was good timing for a number of reasons including that I spent a prolonged time visiting the physiotherapist and using my cellphone as an eBook reader.

While I'm sure it's not as nice to read on your phone as it is on an actual Kindle reader, it was much better than having nothing to read every time I finished up physio and had to sit for 15 minutes with ice or heat on my injuries. Okay, I'll admit I could have carried an actual physical book to my appointments. However, given that I hate carrying STUFF everywhere I go, I really, really love the idea of carrying ONE multipurpose device rather than a number of devices.  My iPhone lets me manage my business whenever I am out of the house, keep in contact with my family and read books wherever I am....need I say more? 
I don't need to, but I will. My iPhone is small, smaller than a wallet and easily carried in my jacket pocket.
If you do not or cannot have both an iPhone and eReader or you simply don't want to carry two devices, I recommend using your iPhone as your e-book reader. It might not be the best way to read books but it works for me.


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