Christmas and My Board Game Collection

The 2013 holiday season is almost gone and for me it was a highly successful celebration.

I define a successful holiday season as one in which my family is together and has time to enjoy our favorite pursuits including plenty of good food, a couple of great movies and LOTS of board games from our game collection.

This year was wonderful!

Our youngest son, now 20, returned home from university for a couple of weeks. Having him around the house is always fun.

We were thrilled to squeeze in a number of visits with our oldest son, who lives nearby in Ottawa, when he was between shifts.

We took a 24-hour trip to Amherst Island to visit my brother-in-law, his wife and their four children.

We had my sister-in-law visit for a number of days.

And yes, we have had plenty of delicious meals, including family favorites like the best-ever sloppy joes and the best-ever cranberry coffee cake and we even tried a few new recipes from Pinterest, too.

We finally saw Catching Fire at the movie theatre.

But most importantly, we played a number of both new and favorite board games. This year that list included Smallworld, Outburst, Trivial Pursuit Young Players' Edition, Settlers of Catan and even Yahtzee.

Because games play an important part in our family's tradition, I was thrilled to be able to put eBay's new Collections feature to use when I created my Board Game Collection, as shown in the picture on this page.

My new 'collection' on eBay includes some of the games we own and have played over and over again as well as others that are available for sale on eBay, either in my own eBay store or in the eBay store of other sellers. Wherever we have played the game, I have added a personal note to the description of the game. I love the fact that this collection of board games will continue to grow as I discover new games in my personal life and for my eBay business. If you are on eBay and love board games, be sure to check it out and follow my collection so that you will be able to look back later and see what interesting board games I have added.

If you are an eBay seller of just plain curious, you might be interested in knowing what my best selling eBay category was for the last 90 days of 2013...

How about you? How were your holidays?

Did you play any board games?

Treasures By Brenda
You never know what I
might have in store for you!

See all of the board games in my eBay store.
Visit my new Board Game Collection on eBay.
Check out my new Pinterest board with recipes from Pinterest that I have actually used. 

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