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From June 26, 2008:

What exactly is a blog?  I wondered. I had only a very basic idea when I first created this blog so I looked at Wikipedia's definition:

"A blog is a website with regular writing about a subject of interest to the writer. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic."

When I originally wrote this page, I had been selling on on eBay for approximately two years. My mother-in-law had passed away and we had a few lovely things of hers to sell. Selling a few things part time suited my life nicely, allowing me to work when I wanted and to be available for my then tween-age sons.

I had invested a huge amount of time learning about eBay and had grown my business to reach the lowest rung on the power seller ladder.  

After that, I added Squidoo to my online world. Squidoo turned out to be a great place to promote your eBay business and to write about anything you are passionate about.  

Just when I thought I was out of time, I discovered blogging. Of course, I read that writing a blog is good for promoting the content of your work online but hopefully, I will also have something to say that you will find interesting.

The purpose of this blog is to share the adventures of Treasures By Brenda online and will include but not necessarily be limited to my eBay, Squidoo and blogging travels. I am also active on Facebook where I maintain a number of Facebook Fan Pages and I Tweet regularly on Twitter, too. I look forward to seeing you around.

UPDATED: 2015 

I wrote very successfully with Squidoo until its demise in August of 2015.  Most of my work has been transferred to Hubpages, where I have hopes one day to regain some of the success I had writing with Squidoo. 

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