Unique Gifts For Couples on Valentine's Day

Unique Gifts For CouplesThere are many amazing Valentine's Day Squidoo pages out there right now but I'd like to highlight one that I just found today. It was created by Stargazer00. It is especially beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that it just makes you want to rush out and buy the products.

Unique Gifts For Couples does exactly what it was meant to do (showcase an unusual product) which means, Dianne, another job well done!

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Unique Gifts For Couples

Our Visit to the Anne Frank House

The passing today of Miep Gies, the Dutch woman who helped hide and feed Anne Frank and her family and friends, reminded me of our visit to Anne Frank's house this summer at the end of our European cruise. You know, our visit and the whole story would have been lost without the brave actions on the part of Ms. Gies while the Franks were in hiding and without her quick act of rescuing the abandoned diary on the floor of the loft.

Our Visit To Anne Frank's House tells of our all-to-brief visit and hopefully will help others as they decide what to see and do when they visit Amsterdam.


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Our Visit To Anne Frank's House

The Charlie Brown Valentine Television Special

Recently, I watched the classic children's television program by Charles Schulz featuring all of the Peanuts gang.  I don't know when I last saw it, but I had definitely forgotten what happened to Charlie Brown in this television special.

Do you know what happened? How'd it make you feel?  My bottom jaw hung open for literally minutes. I honestly could not believe that those kids were that mean.

If you've seen the special and know what happened to Charlie Brown, I'd love to have you add your response to my page, Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown Movie Review. If you haven't seen the show and need to know more, you'll find more information about the show there.

Are you ready?  Seems like it was just Christmas but Valentine's Day IS coming and it is coming quickly!


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Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown Movie Review

How To Build A Great Blu-ray Collection

My blu-ray adventures continue (despite the fact that I haven't written about them here for awhile.) I've recently discovered how to Build Your Blu-ray Collection Quickly With A Blu-ray Movie Box Set. There are some excellent blu-ray movies put together at great prices, you just have to be sure to do your research because it is not always a better deal to buy the boxed sets.  Amazon does continue to be a great source because of their greatly reduced prices and the possibility of FREE shipping for orders worth $25 or more.

Have you joined the blu-ray movement yet?

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Build Your Blu-ray Collection Quickly With A Blu-ray Movie Box Set
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