How To Choose A Good Cookbook

I have finally published my latest page called Recipe For Finding Good Cookbooks. It gave me plenty of difficulty.

Most importantly, there was the subject of content. I wanted to do a page to support the large number of cookbooks that I have for sale in my eBay store, Treasures By Brenda but I wanted there to be great content as well. I finally came up with the angle of providing guidelines for purchasing good cookbooks. I think the suggestions I found are helpful and am pleased that the page has allowed me to showcase some great cookbooks.

Even the title was difficult. I wanted to use 'good cookbooks' because I think people might search for 'good cookbooks' and the page might receive more hits than one with just 'cookbook' would. I know that titles are very important to search engines. Some of the titles I considered were:

How to find good cookbooks.
How to find a perfect cookbook.
Recipe for a good cookbook.
Recipe for the perfect cookbook.
Recipe for finding good cookbooks.
Recipe for finding perfect cookbooks.

I crafted a list of eight considerations that make a cookbook great. I hope I will be able to help many people with their cookbook purchases though I know many cookbook owners have a multitude of cookbooks in their collections and therefore do not need any help.

Before I finish, I'll leave you with a small sampling of cookbooks from my eBay store.


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Elvis Presley is Alive and Well!

Elvis Presley is Alive and Well!

Well, you might be forgiven for thinking that he is when you read that he is releasing a new Christmas album this year (2008) entitled Elvis Presley Christmas Duets.

On this album, he will be joined by some of today's finest contemporary country singers.

Check out my page about the album by clicking here and find out which artists he is joined by and how this magical feat was accomplished!

Treasures By Brenda
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