The Penguin Centenary Collection of Ian Fleming's James Bond Books

Well, today was Monday, June 30, 2008. Mondays are my busiest eBay day so I had to focus on parcels today.

My eBay store, of course, demands a lot of attention and it was a great weekend for sales despite the fact that summer is supposed to be a slow time on eBay. This past 30-day cycle has seen my highest sales volume to date.

James Bond had a great deal to do with that as I sold a number of copies of the collector's edition book set shown here.   I had about 20 parcels to prepare for shipping this morning and a few of them contained the brand-new, sought-after boxed set The Penguin Complete Centenary Collection of Ian Fleming's James Bond books that contains 14 of Ian Fleming's titles packaged in a nice box celebrating the 100th anniversary of the release of the first of the James Bond stories.  Unfortunately, they were my last sets and I have none left in my eBay store.

UPDATE: January 24, 2015

I cannot find any Penguin Centenary James Bond book sets on or on However, I see that this set is available on (in the United Kingdom) by clicking right here or by following one of these links:

Are you a James Bond fan? Have you read the books? Do you recommend them?

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