31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Three Perfect Purple Coffee Mugs from Life is Good

Three fabulous purple mugs...any one of them would be perfect for your significant other on Valentine's Day or for any day of the year. Of course, they would be positively perfect for someone who loves purple any day of the year.

They are all from Life is Good.

The first one is the Engraved Heart Everyday mug. It reads "All we need" on the front and features the image of a three-color heart. It leave you to fill in the blank...I am thinking, "All we need is love."

The second mug is a Jake's mug and reads, Good Day Sun Shine mug. I love the multiple spokes of the sun and the cheery greeting for the morning.

The third and final mug is the Love Heart Everyday mug.  I do love it's combination of blue and purple. The colors are so much fun.

All three read Life is Good on the back and all three are available directly from the company by clicking on any of the pictures on this page. As a bonus, Life is Good says that if you sign up for their emails, they will give you 15 percent off the cost of your first order.

You never know
what mugs I might
have in store for you!

More Life is Good Mugs:

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