This page is dedicated to the new listings of coffee mugs in my store, Treasures By Brenda on eBay. 

Regularly updated, you will find a wide variety of new, used and vintage mugs usually sold singly but sometimes as a pair or a set. 

You will find plenty of cups from coffee companies like Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Disney. Occasionally, a Second Cup, Timothy's or Dunkin Donuts mug. 

You will find themes like cats and dogs and animals of all sorts; holidays like Halloween and Christmas; and sports like hockey, golf and sailing. 

You will find handmade pottery mugs from European countries like Poland, Canada and the United States. 

You will find vintage mugs from companies like Taylor and Ng, Otagiri and Marc Tetro mugs. 

You will also occasionally find related merchandise like coffee canisters and wall art.  

I hope that you enjoy this peek at a few of the mugs in my eBay store.

To see ALL of the coffee themed listings in my store, you can click right here.

You never know what I might
have in store for you!


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All of the listings from Treasures By Brenda on eBay.

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