How To Self-Publish eBooks for Kindle

If you are a writer who has published or would like to publish an eBook, How I Make $4,000 A Month Selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle might be an interesting read for you and today, February 21, 2014, it is an Amazon Kindle FREE download.

This book, by Nathaniel Burns, is a step-by-step guide for authors who want to self-publish their works. It is not a get-rich scheme but rather a how-to guide that promises lots of work before success.

As always, I turned to the Amazon customer reviews as one indicator of the quality of a book or any item for that matter. This one does well in that regard.

I haven't read it yet and must in all honesty say that I am not really interested in publishing an eBook. I do write online but I do not consider myself an author and keep plenty busy between my online writing and eBay selling roles. However, I downloaded it anyway as I am curious about the process and I thought you might be interested.  It's now in my ever-growing reading queue.  Will you add it to your reading list?

Treasures By Brenda
You Never Know What
I Might Have In Store For You!

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