Jigsaw Puzzles Are Back In Style

As you may or may not have suspected, jigsaw puzzles were out of style for a while. However, it seems their popularity is growing. We regularly work one, leaving one out on the coffee table all year long. Noticeably, not as many pieces are put in place in the summer but during the long, cold winter nights many are.

We now have more and better methods of producing puzzles and this has led to more creative puzzles. Not to say that there are not old puzzles that were well constructed. When you pick up a vintage Springbok puzzle that is fully assembled and walk around the house with it holding it only by the corners, you know that it was a well made puzzle. However, there is certainly a much wider variety of puzzle styles, choices and images available now for all age groups and at numerous price points.

I am sure that popularity is in large part because puzzles are a wonderful break from the constant presence of technology in our lives.  More importantly, however is that puzzles are just plain fun to do and when you finish one, you have a nice sense of accomplishment. Note that I did not say anything about them being good for us...and I do believe they are good for our brains, young and old.

Is there a JIGSAW PUZZLE in your life?

Happy puzzling!
Treasures By Brenda

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