31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Marc Tetro Coffee Mugs

I love Marc Tetro's Canadian themed artwork and therefore I love these coffee mugs.  Marc Tetro is a Canadian artist whose images are collected around the world. Typically, his images are a picture outlined in black. They can be found on many products but this page is dedicated to the handsome and collectable coffee mugs.

The Walt Disney Company is Marc Tetro's licensing agent. Tetro is the first artist to receive this honour while he is still alive. He has also been commissioned to do work for The World Wildlife Fund and the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research.

Marc Tetro's artwork includes many Canadian themes \like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Native American Indian and Eskimo peoples, the Canadian sport of hockey, Canadian wildlife and dogs including but not limited to the Siberian huskies. The subject matter of his work makes one of his mugs a most suitable way to show your love of our great Canadian country or to celebrate a visit or past connection to Canada.

On this page you will find a collection of coffee mugs featuring the work of this artist, some available through my eBay store and others available from other sellers on eBay. You can click on any of the large pictures on this page to see the Marc Tetro mugs available in my eBay store.

What follows is a selection of  Marc Tetro mugs available right now on eBay. It will update automatically every day. I hope this search box helps you find a mug that suits you.

I enjoy all of the Marc Tetro mugs that I have seen but from the ones I have showcased here on this page, I might pick the Native American mug as a favourite. Or the moose one or possibly the R.C.M.P. one. Well, you get the idea. I cannot pick. I love how these cups and the artwork on them represent Canada. Can you pick a favourite mug from this selection?

You never know
what mugs I might have
in store for you!

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All images shown on this page are from the coffee mug department of my eBay store.

Author's Note:  This page originally written elsewhere in 2012.

31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Dean Russo Dog Coffee Mugs

I uncovered these wonderful Dean Russo dog coffee mugs this morning quite by accident and I think they are quite striking. Each one is done with modern-style artwork, featuring a picture of a dog by artist Dean Russo. Many but not all of them also feature a quotation like:

"In a perfect world every dog has a home."

"The only thing a dog needs more than love... is to give it."

They win positive reviews from dog loving coffee drinkers on Amazon and I think that they are perfect for any dog lover on your list. You can find these three and more Dean Russo dog coffee mugs on Amazon by clicking here. Noteworthy is the fact that Russo has also created images with other animals like the elephant, lion, tiger and more domestically, the cat.

How about it? Is there a dog-themed mug on this page for you?

You never know
what mugs I might
have in store for you!

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Find Dean Russo's mugs on Amazon.

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