31 DAYS OF COFFEE MUGS: Prince Purple Rain Coffee Mug

RIP Prince. The world lost another talented musician on April 21, 2016.

Prince really does not need much in the way of introduction. We know that he was part singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, producer and even actor. He was flamboyant and eclectic. He crossed over numerous musical styles including pop, fun, rock, rhythm and blues, soul and psychedelia.

Prince Rogers Nelson, which is his full name, left behind a legacy for which he will never be forgotten.

Continuing then in my 31 Days of Coffee Mugs series, I thought it appropriate to seek out a Prince-themed coffee mug for his fans and I found this one by Cayman Hill Designs on Etsy. It is simple and that is why I like it, it has a nice image of the musician and it features lyrics from the song Purple Rain, the song that I remember best from my youth.

Are you a fan of Prince? What is your favorite song?

You never know what
coffee mugs I might
have in store for you next!

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