TRAVEL GIFTS: Personalized Cork World Travels Map

We have always wanted a world map to mark with the locations around the world that we have visited though we have never actually acted upon that desire.

Today I found this fun item, which allows you to do exactly that. It is a personalized cork world travels map designed for you to mark the places you have visited with a thumb tack though it might be worth your time to seek out some little pins. I picture the ones with flags on them like you might see in the movies though I have no idea if anyone actually makes and sells them. They would have to be small. I suppose another alternative would be to use the pins with the little balls on the head. I found Amazon's flag pins here but be sure to read the reviews and shop carefully.

Back to the map. The maker personalizes each map by adding your name or names as shown here. Ours would read "Chris and Brenda's Travels" or maybe, in an effort to include all of our family members, "The Travels of the Littles."

The map is 16 by 20 inches so beware that it is not like one of those giant maps you had in the classroom at school. It is a bit bigger than a standard place mat but not much. Actually a nice size, unless you are picturing a bigger piece.

You can read more about this map and check out the other maps from the same maker on Etsy by clicking right here.  I think a personalized map would make another fun gift idea for a couple of world travellers or armchair dreamers.

Who would you give it to?

Happy trails to you!

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