National Thrift Shop Day

Even if you are a thrift shop shopper, you might be oblivious to the fact that August 17, 2015, was National Thrift Shop Day. Yes, I do believe that there is a holiday for everything.

With the spirit of the holiday, I thought you might find this infographic, which is based on Canadian shopper data, from Value Village interesting.

A few interesting tidbits from this chart are the fact that 76 percent of shoppers who visit have shopped thrift before and 33 percent of shoppers visit a thrift store monthly.

The most popular answer to the question, Why Shop Thrift is that it is cost effective followed by the fun fact that it feels like a treasure hunt.

Value Village National Thrift Shop Day

What celebrity would you like to thrift shop with? I would LOVE to shop with Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and/or Adam Levine. Not sure what we would shop for but that part is unimportant and obviously, they don't appear on this chart so I'm embellishing.

Do you shop thrift and if so, why?  Finally, who would you like to shop with?

You never know what
I might have in store for you!

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Inforgraphic from Value Village.
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