I've just met Sophie Ellis-Bextor, a confessed eBay addict, via her Youtube video #eBayStories and she's a hoot.  She has been shopping on eBay for 15 years and has had so much fun doing so!

Sophie started shopping on eBay in 1998 and in this short video, which was created with eBay for their 18th birthday as a part of the eBay Stories campaign, she shares some of her favorite eBay scores.

Sophie likes to shop for vintage items and has found some amazing vintage clothing items as well as retro kitchen accessories.

Check out the video for yourself to see some of the fabulous items that she has purchased on eBay. Some of us can only wish we had Sophie's sense of style but all of us can successfully shop on eBay!


Hasn't Sophie had fun with eBay? How about you? Do you have any scores you are really proud of or anything you are desperately seeking? Personally, I am desperately seeking a replacement mug for the one I broke last week and I know eBay will eventually turn one up for me. It's only a matter of time!

Treasures By Brenda
You never know what
I might have in store for you!

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Texas Instruments Speak & Spell

Do you recognize this vintage learning toy?  I remember it though I was too old to play with it in the late 1970s or early 1980s.  It's the Texas Instruments Speak & Spell, an electronic toy designed to help youngsters improve their spelling skills. 

The Speak & Spell was one of the first handheld devices that had a display and changeable game cartridges.  I have been reading about it and it really does have an ineresting technical history, which you can read about on Wikipedia by clicking here. It is interesting that there is a Speak & Spell on display in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

This toy has a history in the movies, too. As shown in this Youtube video, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial used the Texas Instruments Speak & Spell to build his  interstellar communicator.  

SPOILER ALERT: Beware that this video contains clips from throughout the movie. It does, however, do a good job of showing how E.T. used the Speak & Spell to communicate with home.

The Speak & Spell also appeared as Mr. Spell in two Disney movies, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 and in a number of horror movies including Bride of Chucky and Poltergeist III. 

It turns out that E.T. wasn't the only one to manipulate the Speak and Spell. According to Digital Trends, musicians are now using Speak & Spell units for "circuit bending in their music, where the guts have been modified to create new sounds."

For these reasons and, I expect a bit of nostalgia, the Texas Instruments Speak & Spell sells consistently on eBay:

Treasures By Brenda
You never know what treasures
I might have in store for you!

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Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

I know, I know all you dog lovers are simply going to fall for this Halloween jigsaw puzzle because it features the cutest dog dressed up as Count Dracula.

And for you cat lovers, it also has a cat and, of course, for Halloween fans it has a number of the items we associate with Halloween including a haunted mansion, a jack-o-lantern and a bucket full of Halloween treats.

With 550 pieces, Count Dogula is not too daunting a puzzle to take on before Halloween.

You never know what I might have in store for you!


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