Early Canadian Hockey Cards at Auction

Personally, I have never sold a hockey card on eBay but, of course, a quick glance at an eBay search for rare hockey cards turns up plenty of sellers who do sell them and buyers who do buy them and shows that many of them are quite valuable.  For instance, I found a Darryl Sittler card that sold on December 12, 2012, for $6,250.

It was with interest then, that I read of a recent auction sale for a set of the earliest Canadian hockey cards. The hockey cards in this set were originally sold between 1910-11 to adult collectors in packs of cigarettes. 

Called an "almost unheard of rarity" this complete set of 45 cards included the card shown in this image from the Ottawa Citizen that features Montreal Canadiens goaltender Georges Vezina. This single card alone is said to be worth up to $50,000.

This morning, Wikicollecting said that the auction on this rare set of early Canadian hockey cards closed late Tuesday, March 5, 2013, for $158,678.  That's one pack of hockey cards I wouldn't mind finding!

How about you? Are you a collector or maybe a seller?


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