The Serta Counting Sheep

Spurred on by eBay seller Mandicraft's purchase and subsequent sale of four Serta Sheep mugs, I went looking for more information about the famous or perhaps infamous Serta Counting Sheep.

Turns out the Serta Sheep are actors who were very carefully hand-picked by the Serta Mattress company and who have gone on to phenomenal commercial success.

If you are blissfully unaware of WHO the Serta Sheep are, I offer up this Youtube video, which is perhaps my favorite of the numerous Serta Sheep commercials. I love it because it is so heartfelt and, perhaps, because the lady in the commercial shares my name, LOL.

I also offer up this page dedicated to the cutest little sheep around, the Serta sheep.

I discovered some Serta Sheep products listed on Amazon but it turned out that the best resource with the biggest selection is definitely eBay. You will see a few of the Serta Sheep available through eBay in the little chart at the end of this page.  If you are looking to buy Serta Sheep plush toys, I recommend turning to eBay and, if you are wondering if Serta Sheep are a good thing to sell on eBay, the answer is a resounding YES. They are definitely something to sell on eBay.


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Meet The Serta Counting Sheep.
Order plush Serta Sheep #60 from Amazon.

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