iPhone eBook Reader

Last year I was given my iPhone at Christmas, which was good timing for a number of reasons including that I spent a prolonged time visiting the physiotherapist and using my cellphone as an eBook reader.

While I'm sure it's not as nice to read on your phone as it is on an actual Kindle reader, it was much better than having nothing to read every time I finished up physio and had to sit for 15 minutes with ice or heat on my injuries. Okay, I'll admit I could have carried an actual physical book to my appointments. However, given that I hate carrying STUFF everywhere I go, I really, really love the idea of carrying ONE multipurpose device rather than a number of devices.  My iPhone lets me manage my business whenever I am out of the house, keep in contact with my family and read books wherever I am....need I say more? 
I don't need to, but I will. My iPhone is small, smaller than a wallet and easily carried in my jacket pocket.
If you do not or cannot have both an iPhone and eReader or you simply don't want to carry two devices, I recommend using your iPhone as your e-book reader. It might not be the best way to read books but it works for me.


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How To Buy & Sell Jigsaw Puzzles on eBay

To sell jigsaw puzzles or not to sell jigsaw puzzles on eBay, that is the question. I do but I proceed with caution...
I DO SELL NEW PUZZLES that are still in their factory sealed packaging. Sometimes that box and/or the plastic wrap may have shelfwear and damage likely rendering it unsuitable for a buyer who wants a puzzle as a gift but making it guaranteed complete for any jigsaw puzzler who wants to add a certain puzzle to his or her collection.  As a Canadian eBay seller, I am particularly careful to purchase puzzles that are more valuable or rare because otherwise the cost of shipping a puzzle can be as much as the value of a puzzle, which is not a good combination.

I DO SELL USED PUZZLES that my family has worked. Working a puzzle for the sake of selling it would definitely NOT be profitable. It takes many hours to complete a large puzzle and the return on time spent would be poor. However, my family enjoys working jigsaw puzzles. I leave a puzzle out on the coffee table and when someone is in the mood, he or she will stop for a few moments and put a few pieces in place.

I DO NOT USUALLY SELL PUZZLES that are opened and that we have not worked.  That means I leave a lot of interesting puzzles behind. However, since I sell on eBay, where a seller's reputation is such an important part of how a buyer finds your item and whether or not he chooses to buy from you, I am unwilling to list a jigsaw puzzle that I cannot guarantee is complete.

How about you? Do you sell jigsaw puzzles? New ones? Used ones?

Or maybe you are a buyer of jigsaw puzzles, in which case we would love to hear your thoughts on buying puzzles, particularly used ones. Do you buy them if they have been opened? If a seller cannot guarantee that they are complete? Or perhaps you only buy sealed puzzles?

If you are a jigsaw puzzle fan, be sure to join us on our Facebook page, WE LOVE JIGSAW PUZZLES. We'd love to hear your puzzling success stories.

Treasures By Brenda

Order this wonderful Jigsaw Puzzle coffee mug from the artist on Zazzle.

Gourmet Challenge Trivia Board Game

Gourmet Challenge, an "exciting board game, a true test of fine foods, fine wines, social etiquette and lifestyles." It's an adult game, recommended for individuals 18 years of age and older who have or would like to have a good culinary knowledge base.

Gourmet Challenge is a vintage 1984 game so it is old enough to be difficult to find but not old enough yet to be considered antique.

A few sample questions:

From the Histories & Nationalities category is "Is beer made in Indonesia?"

From the Gourmet's Delight category, "What French chef of King Louis Philippe was credited with inventing Pommes Soufflees?"

From the Wine & Beverages category, "What year was an excellent one for red Rioja: 1971, 1972 or 1978?"

If you are looking for a copy of Gourmet Challenge, you will find one listed here in my eBay store on eBay.

If you are a game player, be sure to check out the rest of the new, used and vintage board games in my eBay store.

If you sell on eBay, take a moment and add GOURMET CHALLENGE to your WHAT TO SELL ON EBAY list. Other buyers would love to add this cooking and food themed game to their collection.

Be sure to come back here and see what other treasures I turn up for you. You can even subscribe to my blog on the sidebar to be automatically notified when I add a new post.

You never know what I might
have in store for you!
Treasures By Brenda

Trivia Answers: Yes, Chef Collinet and 1978.

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Face To Face The Famous Face Guessing Game

eBay sellers should definitely be keeping their eyes open for board games but more specifically for slightly older although not necessarily antique games.

Here's a successful listing that just closed in my eBay Toy Department. It's a hard-to-find game called Face to Face, The Famous Face Guessing Game, recommended for individuals aged 12 and up and for 2 to 6 players.

The box reads: "Tired of playing games with the same old friend…Instead, why not invite 560 of the most famous faces in the world into your living room? Famous faces of your favorite celebrities, athletes, politicians, people in the news and more! Players open windows on one of the four view finders and guess the names of these famous faces as they are revealed bit by bit. The face may be on the top of your head but the name might stay on the tip of your tongue."

The copy I sold recently was in good, used condition although the box itself showed some shelfwear. The game inside the box was in very good condition and I assumed it is complete, although I did not count every one of the 560 cards and I said so in the listing.

The result? A $99.96 cha-ching on my iPhoneA very solid sale that will help increase my average sale price quite nicely and that will make an eBay buyer in California very happy.

The moral of the story? Add FACE TO FACE to your WHAT TO SELL ON EBAY list and be sure to come back and see what other Treasures Brenda turns up for you never know what I might have in store for you!

Happy Thrifting!

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Who IS Treasures By Brenda?
Buy Face to Face from the private sellers on Amazon.
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