Ports of Call: Planning Cruise Ship Excursions

One of the decisions you have to tackle after you pick a cruise is whether or not to partake in organized ship excursions or to wing it and do your shore excursions alone.

The choice is dependent upon many factors including the size of your group and the size of your budget and, for our family of four, we find that a blend of the two works best.

Some ships dock in ports that are well located and easy to get around. Others, not so much.

Some cruise ship excursions add benefits that are hard to obtain on your own and others are simple to replicate.

For a complete look at the pros and cons of planning your cruise ports of call, I wrote a page that explores the benefits of cruise ship excursions versus doing it on your own, which you can read by clicking here.  My hope is that my page will not make the decisions for you but that it will help you think about the issues as they apply to your personal situation.

Bon voyage!


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Ports of Call: Cruise Ship Excursions Versus Your Own Excursions.
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Cruising in Europe: How To Choose A Cruise

My family travelled to Europe and enjoyed a Baltic cruise. It was wonderful and I returned home full of enthusiasm for recording some of our adventures. It is my hope that the pages that I put together will prove helpful to others contemplating a cruise in Europe.

Tthe first page I wrote was How To Choose A Cruise in Europe. If you are thinking of cruising in Europe, you might want to check it out. On that page, you will find a discussion of things to consider when thinking about a cruise in Europe including the wonderful reasons for cruising in Europe, what to think about before you pick a cruise and some excellent travel guides.  Plus from there, you will find links to my other travel pages with new ones coming just as soon as I complete my next vacation.

Of course, I always say to buy a couple of great travel books. They are very inexpensive and very helpful. If you are spending a lot of money on a trip, don't begrudge spending the $15 or so that a good travel guide like this Complete Guide to European Cruises by Fodor's. I promise you won't be sorry that you did.

Happy Trails To You!

Quick Links:

Click here to read my page about how to choose a cruise in Europe.
Click here to order your copy of Fodor's The Complete Guide to European Cruises.
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