New Hallmark and Blu-ray Christmas Movies For 2010

Lately, I've been looking into the new movies that are on their way for home viewing at Christmas this year and I've come up with some interesting choices.

First, I discovered a number of new Hallmark movies. Those are movies are being made as we speak and which will air in November and December and become available for purchase shortly thereafter.  Read more at my page dedicated to The New Hallmark Christmas Movies For 2010.

Second, I did a bit of research to discover what the new Christmas movies on blu-ray were going to be this year.  Despite the wide adoption of blu-ray technology, I was surprised to discover not much more than a handful of Christmas movies being released on blu-ray.  Read all about those blu-ray discs at my newest page, Top 10 Best New Christmas Movies of 2010 on Blu-ray (and DVD).

I am looking forward to some new Christmas movies this holiday season. How about you?

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