An American In Paris Blu-ray Review

An American in Paris was once called 'The Perfect Film.' It shared the honour with the film Citizen Kane. It eventually won six Oscars, including those for Best Picture, Art Direction, Cinematography, Costume Design, Music and Writing. Sounds pretty close to a perfect film to me!

A few weeks ago I had an order to place with Amazon and added this blu-ray disc to it in order to reach the threshold for free shipping. Last weekend, we made the time to watch it and I was more than suitably impressed. The film is stunning...and I'm not the only one to think so.

To read what else I thought about the movie and what the real blu-ray experts have to say, visit my page, An American in Paris Blu-ray Review.  (Sorry, that page is currently being relocated.)

To order the movie from, you can click right here to see both the blu-ray and DVD versions.

As I finished writing this page tonight, I realized that I have yet to watch the special features. I'll have to report back on them!

Meanwhile, I'll say thanks for dropping in,
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  1. I stopped in to see about an American in Paris. I'm woefully deficient in old musicals, but maybe I can catch it this winter.


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