How To Choose A Good Cookbook

I have finally published my latest page called Recipe For Finding Good Cookbooks. It gave me plenty of difficulty.

Most importantly, there was the subject of content. I wanted to do a page to support the large number of cookbooks that I have for sale in my eBay store, Treasures By Brenda but I wanted there to be great content as well. I finally came up with the angle of providing guidelines for purchasing good cookbooks. I think the suggestions I found are helpful and am pleased that the page has allowed me to showcase some great cookbooks.

Even the title was difficult. I wanted to use 'good cookbooks' because I think people might search for 'good cookbooks' and the page might receive more hits than one with just 'cookbook' would. I know that titles are very important to search engines. Some of the titles I considered were:

How to find good cookbooks.
How to find a perfect cookbook.
Recipe for a good cookbook.
Recipe for the perfect cookbook.
Recipe for finding good cookbooks.
Recipe for finding perfect cookbooks.

I crafted a list of eight considerations that make a cookbook great. I hope I will be able to help many people with their cookbook purchases though I know many cookbook owners have a multitude of cookbooks in their collections and therefore do not need any help.

Before I finish, I'll leave you with a small sampling of cookbooks from my eBay store.


Click here to purchase Christopher Stott's vintage cookbooks image on eBay.


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  2. $247 for a cookbook is pretty impressive...I'll have to wait for the paperback edition ;)

    I did my post as a page too, but managed to copy and past edit into a post before I lost it!


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